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Contract-Free Wireless Service Plans

Also referred to as 'Pay-As-You-Go', no-contract wireless service plans are gradually getting popular as a preferred favorite for many people. At the moment, such plans are offered by only a few companies, including Cricket Wireless.


About Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless was founded back in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois and by Leap Wireless. Currently, it operates on the popular AT&T Network. As such, users are able to enjoy 4G (LTE) network coverage, but at incredibly affordable prices. Cricket Wireless employs all the towers and infrastructure of AT&T Inc. but charges you less for the same.

AT&T acquired this service provider in 2014 at a time when the firm had just 4.5 million active users. Within less than five years, Cricket Wireless has been able to double its loyal customer base to over 9 million active subscribers. Recently, Forester undertook an index study, based on Customer Experience, and ranked the provider as the winner in their wireless category.

While all the 4 major carriers have covered all the main cities, coverage by Cricket Wireless offers the best reception in remote areas and on country roads. Additionally, its plans are pretty simple to comprehend, hence making it a favorite carrier for many users.

Why Use Cricket Wireless?

Unlike most other wireless service providers, Cricket Wireless' plans aren't based on minutes or texts. Instead, the brand offers multiple flat-rate plans which are renewable monthly. All of them are essentially prepaid and contract-free, with unlimited texts, minutes, and data.

All of the plans provided by Cricket Wireless offer several distinct advantages, including:

Reliable Speeds

Cricket Wireless' speeds can go up to 8 MBps. Some people may find such speeds low, particularly when compared to those of the AT&T LTE Network which are up to 5 times faster. However, users that like surfing with stability and without obsessing over speeds will find Cricket pretty ideal.

The speeds are also perfect for watching movies and streaming music. Case in point, Netflix only requires speeds of at least 0.5 MBps. And, you only require 3.0 MBps to enjoy excellent picture quality. That said, 8.0 MBps is way more than you'd need.

Purchase a Phone/Bring Your Own

The company sells phones manufactured by trusted brands such as Apple, Alcatel, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, ZTE, LG, and Motorola. They also offer free Cricket Wireless cell phones if you opt to keep your existing phone number from a different provider. Otherwise, the prices start from $19.99 for certain models by ZTE, Alcatel, and LG, to $1,149.99 for the iPhone X. Rebates are also available on certain models.

You're allowed to keep your phone if it's ideally compatible with Cricket Wireless' network. In such a case, you'll get a free Cricket Wireless SIM card. You can check whether your phone's compatible using the company's compatibility tool. You may want to keep checking their website every now and then for Cricket Wireless free phone deals.

Exceptional Pricing, Discounts, and Offers

Good coverage and affordable prices are certainly the major benefits you'd want in a phone service plan. And, Cricket Wireless manages to meet both of those needs. Getting impressive AT&T coverage at low prices might be possible for individuals but extremely difficult for families.

Single-line service plans start at $30 each month for 1 GB. That's comparable to prices charged by most other small-scale carriers. Other carriers run off Sprint and T-Mobile networks, whose coverage is also comparable to AT&T. However, they can barely be as effective as AT&T when we consider remote areas.

Some plans offer Auto-Pay Credit or Group-Save Discount. Generally, one of the two is offered in any given account. Group-Save discounts every line added to one's account by $10-$20, but only up to 5 lines. On the other hand, Auto-Pay Credit cuts $5 off the subscriber's monthly bill.

Note: Any of the prices included herein are current and take account of all applicable taxes. They are subject to change and we recommend checking directly with Cricket Wireless ( to confirm any details. You can also look into the various plans offered by visiting the company's' official website (

Methods of Bill Payment

Cricket Wireless accepts multiple ways through which subscribers can conveniently pay for services. You can make your payments online using credit/debit cards, gift cards, Cricket Refill cards, or service payment cards. The firm accepts debit, credit, and gift cards from Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. However, they don't accept bank account drafts, checks, money order, and PayPal.

Cricket Wireless Service Payment Cards

Cricket offers a multipurpose card that's solely intended for service payments. This card comes in values of either $40 or $70 and is available at various Cricket Wireless Retailers. With this card, one doesn't have to use the total balance. Users can also check their balance by simply calling 1-855-302-1721.

Additional Payment Options

Cricket also offers several options for subscribers who'd like to schedule their automatic payments. You might find the same pretty helpful in case you require more time to make your bill payment. Such options include:

Do Free Cricket Wireless Codes Really Exist?

Yes, free Cricket Wireless promo codes are real. As it's with many other large companies, Cricket Wireless offers promo codes every now and then. These are provided as a way to reward the firm's loyal customers. They also offer free Cricket Wireless points in promotions and welcome bonuses to keep more and more users coming.

But, the important aspect here is making sure that you're looking into the right places. There are numerous scammers and fraudsters out there purporting to offer free Cricket Wireless refill card numbers. It's, therefore, imperative that you watch out for any red flags.

Stay vigilant and you'll be safe. Besides, the last thing you'd want is to have your devices infected with malware or your identity details accessed by fraudsters.

Get Free Cricket Wireless Service(s)

As Cricket Wireless subscribers, we understand that not everyone can afford to pay prices charged for certain service plans. Besides, some people may find themselves in certain circumstances where their pockets are empty. And, such instances don't imply that one can't continue enjoying Cricket Wireless services. It's actually for such reasons that we resolved to build this site.

Who Are We?

We are a legit, proven, and well-established source of free Cricket Wireless promo codes. We've been offering these for quite some time, now. And, other users' testimonials speak just enough of our offers. We've built a pretty remarkable reputation for providing Cricket Wireless codes without charging a dime!

Why Give Away Cricket Wireless Promo Codes?

It's probably the very question you're asking yourself right now. Well, unlike other 'self-claimed' sites, we're a proven, legit, and popular provider of free Cricket Wireless Codes. We own a network of sites which generate revenue by hosting adverts from third-party companies. Most of the revenue is used to develop new sites and maintain our existing ones.

Any surplus collected from our revenue is directed towards purchasing Cricket Wireless cards from Cricket and its major retailers. We then provide these codes to our sites' visitors as a means to appreciate them. We're, by no means, affiliated with the service provider itself. We don't endorse the company in any way and, thus, don't receive any payment for such.

How Do Free Cricket Wireless Cards Work?

Our generator has been carefully designed to generate only Cricket Wireless promo codes that are legit and valid. It's an excellent opportunity to save a significant deal of cash on unlimited Cricket minutes, texts, and data. And, the process is extremely simple. All you'll need is a smartphone, PC, or tablet with a reliable Internet connection.

Using your browser of choice, you just need to visit our homepage and pick a Cricket Wireless card of your preferred value. These cards are available in various denominations, including $30, $60, and $100.

Upon selecting your preferred card value, key in your Cricket Wireless cell number and hit the 'Generate' tab. You'll instantly receive your Cricket Wireless codes for free service which you can then redeem by visiting the service provider's official website. It couldn't get any simpler!

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You've got every possible reason to give it a try and, ultimately, nothing to lose. Feel free to contact us in case you have an issue or need clarification on any relevant matter. We'd also be glad to hear your experience with our site.